Sole F85
Sole F85 Treadmill
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Sole F85 Treadmill


Brand Sole
Color White Back-lit
Product Dimensions 82.5″D x 38″W x 66″H
Item Weight 294 Pounds
Material Alloy Steel
Maximum Speed 12 Miles per Hour
Special Feature Incline
Target Audience Adult
Maximum Horsepower 4 Horsepower

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The Ultimate Guide to the Sole F85 Treadmill: A Comprehensive Review

When it comes to selecting the perfect treadmill for your fitness journey, the Sole F85 Treadmill stands out as a premier choice. Renowned for its robust build, advanced technology, and user-friendly features, it ensures an efficient and enjoyable workout experience. This blog post delves deep into the features, benefits, and everything else you need to know about the Sole F85 Treadmill, making it easier for you to decide whether it’s the right fit for your fitness needs.

Why Choose a Sole F85 Treadmill?

The Sole F85 Treadmill isn’t just another fitness machine; it’s a comprehensive workout solution designed for both beginners and seasoned athletes. Users have consistently praised its cushion flex shock absorption system, built-in speakers, and heart rate monitoring capabilities, highlighting the remarkable balance it offers between comfort and functionality. Whether it’s for home use or a commercial gym, the Sole F85 proves to be a versatile and reliable choice.

Sole F85 Treadmill

Sole F85 vs. Other Models

Sole F85 vs. Sole F80

When comparing the Sole F85 with the Sole F80, the F85 emerges as the more advanced model, offering a stronger motor, a larger display, and an enhanced running surface. These upgrades make it ideal for serious runners seeking a gym-quality treadmill at home.

Sole F85 vs. NordicTrack 1750

In the showdown against the NordicTrack Commercial 1750, the Sole F 85 shines with its durability and user-friendly features. While the NordicTrack 1750 boasts interactive training programs, the F85’s sturdy build and consistent performance make it a favorite for long-term use.

Key Features of Sole F85 Treadmill

Performance and Specifications

At the heart of the Sole F 85 is a powerful HP motor, designed to withstand long, intense workouts without faltering. The spacious running surface accommodates users of all sizes, ensuring comfort and safety during high-speed runs. Plus, with the ability to track speed, incline, time, and distance traveled, users can easily monitor their progress.

Design and Usability

The Sole F85’s folding deck design is a game-changer for those with limited space, allowing for easy storage when not in use. Its Cushion Flex Whisper Deck significantly reduces the impact on joints, making it a safer option for regular use. The ergonomic profile running hood further enhances user comfort during workouts.

Technology and Extras

For those who enjoy entertainment while exercising, the built-in speaker and tablet holder ensure you stay engaged. The treadmill also offers advanced heart rate monitoring through both chest straps and hand grip sensors, catering to all preferences. The cooling fans are a thoughtful addition, keeping users comfortable during intense sessions.

Sole F85 Treadmill

Detailed Features Review

Sole F85 Treadmill for Comfort and Convenience

The Sole F85’s shock absorption system is a standout feature, minimizing the risk of injury and allowing for longer, more comfortable workouts. Its folding design is not just about saving space; it’s about integrating effortlessly into your lifestyle. Compatibility with smart devices ensures that your workout data is always at your fingertips.

Fitness Tracking and Training

The Sole F85 excels in providing detailed fitness tracking, from speed and incline to calorie burn and heart rate. This data is essential for tailoring your workout to your specific fitness goals. With the integration of the Sole Fitness App, users can also access customized training programs and track their progress over time.

Purchasing Options

Finding the Sole F85 Treadmill for sale is straightforward, with options available directly from Sole’s website, well-known online retailers like Amazon, and physical fitness equipment stores. For those interested in a more budget-friendly option, buying a used Sole F85 Treadmill for sale can also be a viable choice, provided you purchase from a reputable source.


How to Assemble Sole F85 Treadmill

Assembling the Sole F 85 is a simple process, thanks to its user-friendly manual. Start by securing the main frame in place, followed by attaching the console and also connecting the wires. For detailed steps, refer to the Sole F85 Treadmill manual.

How to Disassemble Sole F85 Treadmill

Disassembly is equally straightforward, ideal for moving or storage purposes. Begin by disconnecting all power sources, then carefully remove the console and running deck. Store all parts safely to avoid damage.

How to Lubricate Sole F85 Treadmill

Regular lubrication is key to maintaining your treadmill’s performance. Lift the running belt and apply the recommended lubricant in a zigzag pattern across the running deck. Rotate the belt manually to ensure even distribution.

Where to Buy Sole F85 Treadmill

The Sole F85 Treadmill can be purchased from a variety of sources, including directly from Sole’s official website, Amazon, and authorized fitness equipment retailers. Always ensure you’re buying from an authorized dealer to guarantee warranty coverage.


The Sole F85 Treadmill stands out for its robust build, advanced features, and exceptional user comfort. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, the F85 offers everything you need for an effective, enjoyable workout experience. With various purchasing options available, including the opportunity to buy used, the Sole F85 is accessible to a wide range of fitness enthusiasts.

Embarking on your fitness journey with the Sole F85 Treadmill means investing in durability, technology, and also performance. Check it out today and take the first step towards achieving your fitness goals.


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