Sole F83 Treadmill
Sole F83 Treadmill
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Sole F83 Treadmill


Brand SOLE
Item Weight 290 Pounds
Material Alloy Steel
Target Audience Adult
Maximum Horsepower 3 Horsepower
Maximum Incline Percentage 12
Assembly Required Yes
Display Type LCD
Number of Programs 1
Maximum Weight Recommendation 350 Pounds

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The Ultimate Guide to the Sole F83 Treadmill: Your Comprehensive Home Gym Partner

The Sole F83 Treadmill stands as a pinnacle of home gym equipment, offering a blend of high-quality construction, advanced features, and user-friendly design. This detailed guide explores everything you need to know about the Sole F83, making it easier for you to decide if it’s the right addition to your fitness journey.

Why Choose Sole Treadmills?

Sole Treadmills, including the Sole F83, are renowned for their robust build and durability, promising years of reliable service. With a range of models to choose from, Sole caters to various fitness levels and preferences, but the F83 stands out for its perfect balance of features and value.

Key Features of the Sole F83 Treadmill

The Sole F83 excels with its folding treadmill design, powerful performance, and user-centric innovations. Its sturdy construction ensures stability even during intense workouts, while the integrated cooling fans keep you comfortable. The warranty lifetime coverage offers peace of mind, highlighting Sole’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Detailed Comparison: Sole F80 vs F83

When comparing the Sole F80 and the F83, both treadmills share several high-quality features, such as durable frames and advanced cushioning. However, the F83 edges ahead with a stronger motor and a larger display, making it a better choice for serious runners or those looking for more advanced tracking.

Design and Specifications

The Sole F83 boasts a user-friendly interface, a spacious running surface, and a robust motor that can handle long runs and intense workouts. Its foldable design makes it an ideal choice for homes where space is at a premium.

User Experience

The Sole F83 is designed with the user in mind. From easy assembly to intuitive controls and a comprehensive Sole F83 manual, getting started and staying on track with your fitness goals has never been easier. The treadmill’s preset programs and customizable options cater to a wide range of fitness levels and preferences.

Home Gym Benefits

For those building a home gym, the Sole F83 is a versatile and valuable addition. Its folding design saves space, while the high-quality construction ensures it can withstand daily use. With the Sole F83, you can enjoy a gym-quality workout from the comfort of your home.

Cooling Fans and Customer Service

The built-in cooling fans are a standout feature, providing added comfort during workouts. Sole’s exceptional customer service ensures any questions or concerns are promptly addressed, further enhancing the user experience.

Pricing and Where to Buy

The Sole F83 price may vary based on retailers and promotions. For the best deals, check authorized retailers and online platforms like Amazon, where you can often find the Sole F83 for sale at competitive prices.

Maintenance and Care

Maintaining the Sole F83 is straightforward, ensuring its longevity and optimal performance. Regular cleaning and adherence to the maintenance guidelines in the Sole F83 manual will keep your treadmill in top condition.


How much does a Nordic track Sole F83 treadmill cost?

The price of the Sole F83 treadmill varies, typically ranging from $1,500 to $2,000. For the latest pricing, check Amazon.

What is the warranty coverage for the Sole F83 treadmill?

The Sole F83 comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, motor, and deck, underscoring Sole’s confidence in their product’s durability.

Can the Sole F83 treadmill be folded for storage?

Yes, the Sole F83 features a folding treadmill design, making it a space-efficient choice for home gyms.

How does the Sole F83 compare to the Sole F80?

While both treadmills offer robust features, the F83 has a stronger motor and larger display, catering to more demanding workouts.

What makes the Sole F83 a high-quality choice for a home gym?

The combination of durable construction, advanced features like cooling fans, and Sole’s exceptional customer service make the F83 a standout choice for home gyms.


The Sole F83 Treadmill is an excellent choice for fitness enthusiasts looking to bring gym-quality workouts into their home. Its blend of durability, advanced features, and user-friendly design, coupled with Sole’s outstanding customer service and warranty, make it a wise investment for anyone serious about their fitness goals. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting your fitness journey, the Sole F83 is equipped to meet your needs.

For those interested in exploring other Sole treadmills, consider the Sole S77 for a non-folding option or the Sole TT8 for a model with even more power and features.


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