Sole E55 Elliptical
Sole E55 Elliptical
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Sole E55 Elliptical


  • Display  9″ Backlit LCD
  • Programs 7 pre-programmed, 2 user defined
  • Flywheel Weight 20 lbs
  • Resistance Range 20 Levels
  • Incline Range 20 Levels
  • Resistance/Incline Adjustments ConsoleHand grips
  • Hand Grips Multi-position, rubber coated
  • Glide Rails Dual, short track
  • Adjustable Pedals Yes, 3 levels pin adjusted
  • Adjustable Stride No
  • Device Charging USB type A, 5V 1A
  • Bluetooth Bluetooth speakers, Sole+  data transfer
  • Wifi No
  • Preloaded Apps N/A
  • Accessory Holders Phone/tablet holder, Reading rack


  • Height(in) 71″
  • Length(in.) 71″
  • Width(in.) 27″
  • Box Dimensions 66″ X 23″ X 34″
  • Item Weight(lbs.) 214
  • Step Up Height 14″Weight Capacity 375 lbs.
  • Step Up Height 14″
  • Assembled Dimensions 71″L x 27″W x 71″H
  • Boxed Dimensions 66″L x 23″W x 34″H
  • Item Weight 214 lbs.
  • Boxed Weight 243 Lbs
  • Weight Capacity(lbs.) 375 lbs.


  • Frame Lifetime
  • Flywheel Lifetime
  • Parts 5 Years
  • Wear Items 5 Years
  • Labor 2 Year
  • Cosmetic Items 90 Days
  • Light Commercial Warranty No, residential only

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The Ultimate Guide to the Sole E55 Elliptical: Your Key to a Superior Workout Experience

The Sole E55 Elliptical stands out as a prime choice for fitness enthusiasts looking for a reliable, feature-rich elliptical machine. Known for its solid construction, whisper-quiet operation, and advanced features, the Sole E55 has garnered positive feedback across the board. Let’s dive into the details that make the Sole E55 a must-have for your home gym.

Sole E55 Elliptical Features and Benefits

Design and Build Quality

The Sole E55 Elliptical is a testament to durability and stability, weighing in at a robust 214 lbs. This heavy-duty construction ensures the machine stays firm and unmoving, even during intense workout sessions. The adjustable pedals, designed with input from physical therapists, allow for a customized fit, reducing the risk of strain and injury. The unique design of the foot pedals ensures a fluid, natural motion, mimicking the body’s movements accurately.

Sole E55 Elliptical

Sole E55 Elliptical Performance

A standout feature of the Sole E55 is its whisper quiet drive system, allowing users to enjoy a noise-free workout, perfect for shared living spaces or late-night exercise routines. The power incline feature broadens the range of muscle groups you can target, making each workout session more efficient. With an adjustable stride, the E55 accommodates users of different heights, ensuring everyone can find their perfect fit for a comfortable workout.

Technology and Convenience

For those who like to stay entertained or track their progress through apps, the E55’s integrated tablet holder is a game-changer. Additionally, the built-in cooling fans add a layer of comfort, making long sessions more bearable. Accurate heart rate monitoring is crucial for tracking workout intensity, and the E55 delivers in this aspect as well.

Sole E55 Elliptical

Workout Experience

The smooth feel of the E55 ensures a pleasant workout experience, minimizing the discomfort that can come from lower-quality ellipticals. The inclusion of upper body workout capabilities means users can achieve a comprehensive full-body workout without needing multiple machines.


When considering the Sole E55, it’s helpful to see how it stacks up against other models:

  • Sole E55 vs E95: The E95 is a more advanced model with a heavier flywheel and enhanced display. However, for most home users, the E55 offers a perfect balance of features and value. Learn more about the E95.
  • Sole E35 vs E55: While both models are excellent, the E55 has a more compact footprint and additional features like the integrated tablet holder that make it a more appealing choice for users with limited space. See the E35 details.
  • Sole E25 vs E55: The E25 is an entry-level model and more budget-friendly, but the E55’s superior build quality and features justify the investment for serious fitness enthusiasts.

User Experience

User testimonials highlight the “smooth feel” and “quiet drive system” as key factors in their satisfaction with the E55. Many have noted how these features contribute to a more enjoyable and effective workout.

Maintenance and Assembly

Maintaining the Sole E55 is straightforward, ensuring that it remains in top condition for years to come. Assembly is made easy with clear instructions and tools provided. For a step-by-step guide, visit Garage Gym Reviews.

Buying Guide

Wondering where to buy the Sole E55 Elliptical? It’s available directly from Sole Fitness as well as reputable fitness equipment retailers.


How to Assemble Sole E55 Elliptical?

Assembly is designed to be user-friendly, with a detailed manual and all necessary tools included. It typically takes a few hours to complete.

Where to Buy Sole E55 Elliptical?

The best places to purchase the Sole E55 are directly from Sole’s website or through authorized fitness equipment dealers, ensuring you receive a genuine product with full warranty coverage.


The Sole E55 Elliptical offers an unparalleled combination of durability, performance, and convenience, making it an outstanding choice for anyone serious about their fitness journey. With its user-friendly features and solid construction, it’s a wise investment for achieving your health and fitness goals.

Make sure to check out more Sole E55 elliptical reviews to hear from others who have transformed their workouts with this incredible machine.


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