Proform Trainer 14.0 Treadmill
Proform Trainer 14.0 Treadmill
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Proform Trainer 14.0 Treadmill


Product Condition
Brand New
Motor (CHP)
Maximum Speed (mph)
12 mph
Maximum Incline
0.12 %
Frame Design
Console Display Type
Touch Screen
Elevation Mechanism
Shock Absorption
Running Surface Length
1.4 m
Wi-Fi Connectivity
App Compatibility
Digital Controls
Programmable Exercises
Tablet/Smartphone Connectivity
Number of Preset Programs
Maximum Weight Capacity
136 kg
Maximum Weight Capacity (lbs)
299.83 lb
Weight (lbs)
222.89 lb
Dimensions (cm)
88.9 (W) x 162.5 (H) x 190.5 (D) cm
Dimensions (in)
35 (W) x 63.98 (H) x 75 (D) in
Folded Dimensions (cm)
88.9 (W) x 167.6 (H) x 99 (D) cm
Folded Dimensions (in)
35 (W) x 65.98 (H) x 38.98 (D) in
Recommended Floor Space (cm)
63.5 (W) x 152.4 (L) cm
Recommended Floor Space (in)
25 (W) x 60 (L) in
101.1 kg


Manufacturer’s Warranty – Parts
1 year
Manufacturer’s Warranty – Labour
1 year

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The Ultimate Guide to the Proform Trainer 14.0 Treadmill

In the quest for the perfect home workout, the treadmill has become a staple for fitness enthusiasts. Among the plethora of options available, the Proform Trainer 14.0 Treadmill stands out for its blend of innovative technology and user-friendly design. This comprehensive guide delves into everything you need to know about this cutting-edge treadmill, ensuring you make an informed decision on whether it’s the right fit for your fitness journey.

Overview of the Proform Trainer 14.0 Treadmill

The Proform Trainer 14.0 Treadmill is not just another exercise machine; it’s a gateway to a more interactive and engaging workout experience. Featuring an intuitive HD Touchscreen, users have the world of fitness at their fingertips. With a speed range of 0-12 mph, this treadmill caters to a wide range of fitness levels, from walking enthusiasts to sprinting experts.

The SpaceSaver Design makes it an ideal choice for those with limited workout space, easily folding up for storage. For those dreading the assembly process, the Proform Trainer 14.0 Treadmill – Assembly Included option is a lifesaver, offering hassle-free setup right from the get-go.

Proform Trainer 14.0 Treadmill

Key Features Unpacked

Proform Trainer 14.0 Treadmill HD Touchscreen

The centerpiece of the Proform Trainer 14.0 is its HD Touchscreen. This feature not only displays vital stats like speed, time, and calorie burn but also integrates with fitness apps for an immersive workout experience. The ability to follow along with guided workouts and track your progress in real-time elevates the home exercise routine to new heights.

Proform Trainer 14.0 Treadmill Speed Range: 0-12 MPH

Whether you’re looking to stroll or sprint, the Proform Trainer 14.0 has you covered. Its 0-12 mph speed range accommodates various fitness goals and workout intensities. This flexibility ensures that the treadmill grows with you as your fitness level advances.

SpaceSaver Design

Limited space should not limit your fitness options. The SpaceSaver Design of the Proform Trainer 14.0 epitomizes convenience, allowing for easy folding and storage. This design consideration ensures that your living space can quickly transform back and forth between a workout area and a living area, making it ideal for small apartments or shared spaces.

Assembly Included

The dread of assembling new fitness equipment can be a significant deterrent. Recognizing this, Proform offers an Assembly Included option for the Trainer 14.0 Treadmill. This service ensures that your treadmill is set up correctly and safely, letting you focus on what matters most – your fitness.

Proform Trainer 14.0 Treadmill

Proform Trainer 14.0 Treadmill Performance and Usability

Beyond its standout features, the Proform Trainer 14.0 Treadmill excels in performance and usability. Its robust build handles rigorous workouts with ease, while the intuitive interface makes navigating through workout options a breeze. The inclusion of various workout programs and real-time stats tracking allows users to personalize their fitness journey fully.

What Users Say: Pros and Cons

User feedback on the Proform Trainer 14.0 Treadmill is overwhelmingly positive, with many highlighting its sturdy build, user-friendly interface, and effective workout programs. However, some users note that despite the SpaceSaver Design, the unit can still be bulky when unfolded. This aspect is crucial to consider for those with very limited space.

How It Stacks Up

Comparing the Proform Trainer 14.0 Treadmill to its elliptical counterpart, the Proform 14.0 CE Elliptical Trainer, it’s clear that Proform offers quality workout equipment across the board. The choice between the two boils down to personal preference and specific fitness goals. For those focused on joint-friendly exercises, the elliptical might be preferable, whereas the treadmill offers a more traditional running experience.

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Additional Resources and Purchase Information

Interested in bringing the Pro form Trainer 14.0 Treadmill into your home? Check out Costco’s offer for competitive pricing and delivery options. Remember, Transit Time and Business Days may vary based on your location and chosen delivery method. For further insights and user experiences, the Proform subreddit is a treasure trove of information.


The Proform Trainer 14.0 Treadmill represents the pinnacle of home workout equipment, offering a blend of technology, convenience, and performance. Whether you’re beginning your fitness journey or looking to elevate your home workouts, the Proform Trainer 14.0 offers a compelling option that adapts to your evolving fitness needs.


Q: How long does delivery take for the Proform Trainer 14.0 Treadmill?
A: Delivery times vary, but you can expect standard Business Days transit time. Check with the retailer for the most accurate estimate.

Q: Can the Proform Trainer 14.0 be easily stored when not in use?
A: Absolutely! The SpaceSaver Design allows it to be folded and stored away conveniently.

Q: What is the highest speed setting on the Proform Trainer 14.0 Treadmill?
A: The treadmill offers a 0-12 mph speed range, suitable for various workout intensities.

Q: Does the Proform Trainer 14.0 Treadmill come with assembly service?
A: Yes, an Assembly Included option is available, ensuring hassle-free setup.

Q: How does the HD Touchscreen enhance workouts?
A: The HD Touchscreen allows for easy navigation, real-time tracking, and interactive workouts, making each session engaging and productive.


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