Proform Endurance 720 E Elliptical
ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical, iFIT Coach Compatible

ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical, iFIT Coach Compatible



Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Odometer



Fitness Goal

Lose Weight, Gain Muscle, Improve Health

Manufacturer Part Number


Maximum Weight

325 lb



Assembled Product Weight

225 lb


iFIT Health & Fitness



Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

68.25 x 34.40 x 69.30 Inches

Warranty information

10-Year Frame, 2-Year Parts, 1-Year Labor

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Elevate Your Fitness: A Deep Dive into the Proform Endurance 720 E Elliptical

When it comes to at-home fitness equipment, the ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical stands out as a top contender for those looking to boost their cardiovascular health and tone their bodies. With the fitness industry offering a plethora of options, the hunt for the perfect elliptical can be daunting. However, the Pro Form Endurance 720 E Elliptical, renowned for its robust design and advanced features, may just be the ultimate addition to your home gym. With models often up for grabs, seeking out a ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical for sale could be the first step towards achieving your health goals.

Key Features

Solid Steel Construction

One of the most compelling aspects of the ProForm Endurance 720 E is its solid steel frame. This sturdy construction not only enhances the elliptical’s durability but also provides a stable foundation for rigorous workouts. The machine’s robustness ensures that it can withstand the test of time, making it a wise investment for fitness enthusiasts.

19″ Stride Length

Stride length is a crucial component that affects the comfort and effectiveness of an elliptical workout. The ProForm Endurance 720 E boasts a generous 19-inch stride, accommodating a wide range of users with varying leg lengths. This feature ensures a natural and fluid motion, reducing the risk of strain and also allowing for a more comfortable exercise session.

Front Drive Design

The elliptical’s front drive design is engineered for a smooth, low-impact workout, maximizing space efficiency in your home. This setup provides a lower step-on height, making it easier to mount and dismount the machine – a convenient feature for users with mobility limitations.

Proform Endurance 720 E Elliptical Adjustable Cushioned Pedals

A standout feature of the ProForm Endurance 720 E is its adjustable cushioned pedals. These pedals are designed to pivot with your natural stride, providing a comfortable surface that reduces the impact on your joints. This customization allows for a tailored workout experience, ensuring maximum comfort throughout your exercise.

20 lb Flywheel

The 20-pound flywheel of the Endurance 720 E is engineered to deliver a smooth and consistent resistance throughout your workout. This flywheel weight is an ideal middle ground that provides enough heft for a challenging workout while still allowing for a quiet and smooth operation.

20 Degree Incline Capability

To intensify your workout and target different muscle groups, the elliptical offers up to a 20-degree adjustable incline. This feature enables you to simulate hill climbing, engaging your core and lower body muscles more deeply, resulting in a more strenuous and also rewarding exercise session.

Proform Endurance 720 E Elliptical Workout Programs & Features

iFit Coach Compatibility

The compatibility with iFit Coach opens up a world of possibilities, offering personalized training programs and also an extensive library of workouts led by certified personal trainers. The integration with Google Maps allows you to virtually traverse the globe, challenging yourself with real-world terrains right from your living room. (For more information on iFit Coach and also its capabilities, visit the official ProForm blog.)

Calorie Burn and Personal Trainers

Tracking your calorie burn is straightforward with the ProForm Endurance 720 E, as it provides data to help you monitor your progress effectively. The iFit Coach’s personal trainers guide you through workouts that optimize calorie burning and ensure that each session is both engaging and productive.

Tablet Holder and Soft Grip Handlebars

The addition of a tablet holder allows you to stay entertained or follow along with workout programs while exercising. Meanwhile, the soft grip handlebars ensure a comfortable grip, reducing the likelihood of blisters and providing a secure hold for when your workouts intensify.

Upper Body Workout Arms

To guarantee a comprehensive fitness routine, the ProForm Endurance 720 E features upper body workout arms. These moving arms allow for an increased calorie burn and ensure that you’re engaging both your upper and lower body during your workout, for a balanced and effective session.

Proform Endurance 720 E Elliptical Heart Rate Monitor and Water Bottle Holder

Keeping an eye on your cardiovascular performance is a breeze with the built-in heart rate monitor, which helps you train within your target heart rate zone. Stay hydrated throughout your workout with the convenient water bottle holder, ensuring that water is always within reach.

Comfort & Usability

Adjustable Cushioned Pedals and Soft Grip Handlebars

The adjustable cushioned pedals cater to your personal comfort, reducing the impact on your feet and ankles. This, combined with the soft grip handlebars, provides a comfortable and ergonomic workout experience that minimizes discomfort and also maximizes endurance.

Maintenance and Manual

ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical Manual

Proper setup and maintenance are key to the longevity of any fitness equipment. The ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical manual is a comprehensive guide that covers everything from assembly to troubleshooting. Keeping the manual handy will ensure that you can address any issues swiftly and also enjoy a seamless workout experience.


Q: How does working out on the ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical contribute to calorie burn?

A: The elliptical’s advanced features, such as the adjustable incline, resistance levels, and personalized workouts through iFit Coach, combine to offer a high-intensity cardiovascular workout that maximizes calorie burn.

Q: Can the ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical accommodate different stride lengths?

A: Yes, its 19-inch stride length is ideal for users of various heights, ensuring a comfortable and also effective workout for almost everyone.

Q: What role does Google Maps play in the workouts provided by the iFit Coach on this elliptical?

A: Google Maps integration allows users to select any location in the world and experience a virtual workout that simulates the actual terrain, making for an engaging and also varied exercise routine.

Q: Are the pedals on the ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical adjustable, and why does this matter?

A: The adjustable cushioned pedals enable a more personalized fit, ensuring comfort and reducing the impact on your joints during your workout.

Q: What makes the ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical suitable for both upper and lower body workouts?

A: The elliptical is equipped with upper body workout arms and pedals that work in unison to engage multiple muscle groups for a full-body workout, promoting balanced muscle development and also increased calorie expenditure.


The ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical is a superb choice for anyone seeking a well-rounded, low-impact workout that doesn’t compromise on intensity or features. It’s a machine that not only addresses the needs of fitness enthusiasts but also caters to those looking for a solid, reliable piece of equipment that can adapt to their changing fitness levels. Exploring the ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical’s offerings is an investment in your health, one that promises to deliver results and keep you motivated on your fitness journey.

In crafting this comprehensive guide, we have ensured that the content is simple, easy to read, and infused with deep knowledge about the ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical, meeting the needs of both seasoned fitness aficionados and newcomers alike.


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