Precor Elliptical
Precor EFX 546 HR Version 3 Cordless Elliptical (Remanufactured)
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Precor EFX 546 HR Version 3 Cordless Elliptical (Remanufactured)


  • Condition: Remanufactured
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts & On-Site Labor
  • Ships: Mostly Assembled
  • Frame: Commercial Grade & Health Club Ready
  • Finish: Multi-Stage – Double Powder-Coat
  • Power Incline Ramp: 13-40 Degrees
  • Stride Length: 18″
  • Resistance: 20 Levels of Intensity
  • Low Maintenance</li>
  • 8 Pre-Programmed Workout Courses Include: 3 Cross-Training, 2 Gluteal, 1 Interval & 1 Weight Loss Interval.
  • Condition: Certified Remanufactured
  • User Weight Capacity: 400 Lbs
  • Unit Weight: 318 Lbs
  • Precor EFX 546 Dimensions: 80″L x 30″W x 62″H

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Elevating Your Fitness Journey with the Precor Elliptical

Embarking on a fitness journey requires the right tools to achieve success, and among the elite in exercise equipment is the Precor Elliptical, a machine synonymous with innovation, durability, and a superior workout experience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the myriad of features that set Precor Ellipticals apart, how they can enhance your workouts, and what makes them a worthy investment for your health and also fitness goals.

The Precor Elliptical Experience

When it comes to low-impact, high-efficiency workouts, Precor Ellipticals stand out with their sleek design and user-centric features. The patented adjustable CrossRamp technology is a game-changer, allowing you to alter the height of the elliptical path your foot travels, which in turn targets specific muscle groups for a more effective workout. With Precor, you’re not just exercising; you’re embarking on a customizable fitness adventure that caters to your body’s needs.

Key Models and Features

Precor EFX Elliptical Series

The Precor EFX Elliptical Series is the crown jewel of the brand, boasting models like the renowned Precor EFX 5.23 elliptical machine. This series is designed with variable stride geometry, allowing for natural movement that aligns closely with your body’s mechanics. It’s a thoughtful feature that translates to more comfortable and also impactful workouts.

Preset Workouts and Customization

One of the most alluring aspects of the Precor ellipticals is their array of preset workouts. Whether you’re looking to enhance cardiovascular health, power through a high-intensity session, or embark on a weight loss journey, the machine’s 20 resistance levels and numerous preset programs are there to guide you.

Advanced Metrics and Heart Rate Monitoring

Progress is measurable with Precor’s advanced metrics tracking, a boon for fitness enthusiasts keen on data. The heart rate monitors are equipped with touch and telemetry technology, including SmartRate heart rate monitoring, providing real-time feedback to keep you in your optimal cardio zone.

Build Quality and Durability

Durability is a hallmark of the Precor brand, reflected in the construction of their elliptical machines. Each Precor elliptical trainer is rigorously tested to endure the demands of frequent use, which means investing in a Precor elliptical is investing in years of reliable performance. The build quality not only ensures longevity but also the safety and comfort of users.

Special Features

Precor’s attention to detail is evident in their patented adjustable features. From the CrossRamp technology to the moving handlebars with 15 preset programs, these ellipticals are engineered to provide a total body workout that can be fine-tuned to target specific muscle groups.

The Commercial and Home Use Divide

While Precor is a staple in many commercial gyms, the brand hasn’t forgotten the home user. Precor commercial elliptical machines are built for the wear and tear of public use, while their home-use counterparts, like the Precor Elliptical EFX 5.23, offer many of the same features without the industrial footprint.

Installation and Maintenance

Maintaining your Precor elliptical machine is straightforward, ensuring your investment continues to pay off workout after workout. Regular cleaning, software updates, and part inspections will keep your elliptic in top shape. Installation is just as user-friendly, with comprehensive guides and also customer support to help you get started.

Purchasing Options

When it comes to purchasing a Precor elliptical for sale, you have options. You can find both new and used Precor elliptical machines from trusted retailers. For new models, consider visiting Precor’s official website or reputable fitness equipment stores. For used models, ensure you’re buying from reputable sources to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the equipment.

Price and Value

The cost of a Precor elliptical varies depending on the model and features. While they might carry a higher price tag compared to other brands, the value lies in their unmatched quality, longevity, and the comprehensive workouts they offer. It’s an investment in a machine that’s built to last and designed to propel your fitness forward.


How to Disassemble Precor Elliptical for Moving

Disassembling a Precor elliptical is a process best approached with care. Begin by unplugging the unit and removing any detachable parts. Consult the user manual for specific instructions on which sections can be safely taken apart and be sure to store all screws and small components together to avoid losing them.

How Accurate Are Precor Elliptical Calorie Counters

Precor ellipticals are known for their accurate calorie counters, which take into account the resistance level, CrossRamp angle, and your input data like weight and age, to give you a close estimate of calories burned during your workout session.

How Do You Move a Precor Elliptical

To move a Precor_elliptical, ensure that it’s unplugged and all moving parts are secured. It’s advisable to use a furniture dolly and to have assistance when navigating through doorways or up and down stairs. For larger models, partial disassembly may be necessary.

How Long Do Precor Ellipticals Last

Generally, with proper maintenance and care, a Precor_elliptical can last well over a decade. Their high-quality construction and robust materials make them some of the most enduring machines in the market.

How Much Does a Precor Elliptical Cost

Precor ellipticals can range from a few thousand dollars for basic home models to higher-end commercial units that can cost significantly more. Pricing is often reflective of the advanced technology and durable materials used.

Explore your options on Fitness Factory Outlet or check out comparable models such as the NordicTrack Elite 1300 and NordicTrack E5 7 for a well-rounded view of what’s available on the market. Your journey to peak fitness awaits, and with Precor, you’re set to embark on a path that promises durability, innovation, and a total body transformation.


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