Matrix Elliptical Machine
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Frame Type: Ascent Trainer

Stride Length: 51 – 61 cm / 20″ – 24″

Step-on Height: 22 cm / 8.7″

Power Incline: 24% – 54%

Flywheel Weight: N/A

Resistance System: Exact Force Induction Brake

Resistance Range: 30 levels, electronically adjustable

Pedal Type: Oversized with rubber inserts

Pedal Spacing: 65 mm / 2.6″

Handle Bar Type: Multi-position dual action, stationary with resistance / incline toggles and heart rate grips

Extras: Water bottle holder, accessory tray

Assembled Dimensions (L x W x H): 186 x 84 x 180 cm / 73″ x 33″ x 71″

Assembled Weight: 146 kg / 322 lbs.

User Weight Capacity: 159 kg / 350 lbs.

Electrical Requirements: 120V AC power, 15A circuit (voltage may vary outside the USA)

Power Supply: 12V Power cord

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Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Matrix Elliptical Machine

The Matrix Elliptical Machine represents a pinnacle of engineering in the world of fitness equipment, combining ergonomic design with cutting-edge technology to deliver an unparalleled workout experience. This comprehensive guide explores the features, benefits, and usage tips for both potential buyers and current owners of the Matrix Elliptical Machine, ensuring you get the most out of this incredible fitness tool.

What is a Matrix Elliptical Machine?

The Matrix Elliptical Machine is more than just a piece of fitness equipment; it’s a gateway to a healthier lifestyle. Known for its motion and ergonomically correct design, the Matrix Elliptical stands out from the competition by offering a workout that’s both effective and gentle on the body. Unlike traditional ellipticals, Matrix machines are designed with user comfort and natural movement in mind, allowing for a more enjoyable and sustainable fitness routine.

Matrix Elliptical Machine

How to Use Your Matrix Elliptical Machine

Getting started with your Matrix Elliptical Machine is straightforward. Begin with a warm-up session to get your heart rate up gently. Adjust the machine’s settings according to your preferences, such as resistance levels and stride length, to ensure you’re working out at an intensity that’s right for you. Matrix Ellipticals are designed for users of all fitness levels, providing a smooth natural workout experience that minimizes strain on the joints.

For more detailed instructions, visit Matrix Home Fitness.

Different Models of Matrix Elliptical Machines

Matrix offers a range of elliptical machines designed to cater to different needs and preferences. Notably, the A50 Ascent Trainer features an exclusive Exact Force induction brake, providing instant, smooth, precise resistance changes with the simple push of a button. The XR console of Matrix ellipticals boasts a clean, bright display, making it easy to track your progress and stay motivated.

Explore the different models available for sale at Matrix Fitness.

Matrix Elliptical Machine

Key Features to Look For

When choosing a Matrix Elliptical Machine, consider features like heart rate monitoring and variable stride length. These features not only enhance your workout by targeting specific muscle groups but also ensure a comfortable and efficient exercise session. Ergonomically correct foot positioning is another critical aspect, reducing the risk of injuries and making your workout as effective as possible.

Advanced Features

Matrix Elliptical Machines come packed with advanced features like 16,000 interactive workouts, including options for live studio classes and global workouts via Google Maps Street View. Entertainment options allow users to enjoy their favorite shows, music, and movies during their workout, turning exercise time into an enjoyable experience. Integration with social media platforms and other apps keeps you connected and engaged.

For a closer look at these features, check out Fitness Factory Outlet.

Benefits of Using a Matrix Elliptical Machine

Using a Matrix Elliptical Machine offers numerous benefits, from targeting specific muscles to improving cardiovascular health. The technology-driven features provide a customizable workout experience, adapting to your fitness level and goals. Moreover, the interactive workouts and entertainment options keep you motivated, making it easier to stick to your fitness routine.

Installation & Maintenance

Setting up your Matrix Elliptical Machine is a straightforward process, but proper maintenance is crucial for ensuring its longevity. Regular cleaning and inspection can prevent wear and tear, maintaining the machine’s performance. One common question is, “Should I unplug my Matrix Elliptical Machine?” Unplugging the machine when not in use can save energy and reduce the risk of electrical issues.

Where to Buy Matrix Elliptical Machines

Matrix Elliptical Machines are available for sale through various retailers and online platforms. When purchasing, look for reputable sellers that offer warranties and customer support.

For available sales options, visit the Fitness Factory Outlet for the Matrix Elliptical and check out other elliptical options like the Schwinn 418 and Schwinn 431 for comparison.


Should I Unplug My Matrix Elliptical Machine?

It’s advisable to unplug your Matrix_Elliptical Machine when not in use to conserve energy and reduce the risk of electrical issues.

How Does the Exact Force Induction Brake Enhance My Workout?

The Exact Force induction brake provides instant resistance changes, allowing for precise control over your workout intensity, leading to more efficient and effective exercise sessions.

How Can I Track My Progress with the Matrix Elliptical Machine?

Most Matrix Elliptical Machines feature integrated displays that track your workout metrics, such as distance, time, and calories burned. Additionally, connectivity options with fitness apps can offer a more detailed analysis of your progress.

Can I Adjust the Stride Length for a More Comfortable Workout?

Yes, Matrix Elliptical Machines often feature variable stride lengths, enabling you to adjust the stride for a more comfortable and effective workout that matches your body’s natural movements.

How Do the Interactive Workouts Improve My Fitness Experience?

Interactive workouts provide a more engaging and varied exercise experience, helping to keep motivation high. Features like live classes and global workouts introduce new challenges and sceneries, making each workout unique.

The Matrix Elliptical Machine offers a superior workout experience, combining ergonomic design with advanced technology. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just beginning your journey, the Matrix Elliptical can be a valuable addition to your fitness regimen, offering a blend of effectiveness, enjoyment, and customization.

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