Life Fitness CLSX Elliptical
Life Fitness Integrity Series Elliptical CLSX
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Life Fitness Integrity Series Elliptical CLSX


Condition: Remanufactured


Warranty: 1 Year Parts & On-Site Labor w/Ext. Warranty Options

Ships: Fully Assembled

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  • Programs: Quick Start, Manual, Random, Hill, Cardio, Fat Burn, Heart Rate Hill, Heart Rate Interval, Extreme Heart Rate, Around The World, Cascades, Foothills, Kilimanjaro, Air Force PRT, Fit Test, Custom Workouts (6), Speed Training, Time Goal, Calorie Goal, Distance Goal, Time in Zone Goal, Customized Cool Down, Modes: Bike and Constant Calorie Per Hour, Aerobics, Watts, METs.
  • Readouts: Resistance Level, Heart Rate, Elapsed Time, Calories, Calories Per Hour, Watts, METS, RPM, 7 Language Choices, Work Out Profile
  • Polar Telemetry Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Integrated Reading Rack
  • Oversize Non-slip Pedals
  • Support Handlebars
  • On-the-Fly Programming
  • Resistance Levels: 25
  • Stride Length: 18″
  • Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm Stereo
  • Power Requirements: Self Powered, Cordless. It uses an Alternator and Battery for Power
  • California Residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS



  • Maximum User Weight: 350 lbs
  • Weight: 235 lbs
  • Dimensions: 83″ L x 28″ W x 61″ H

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Comprehensive Guide to the Life Fitness CLSX Elliptical: A Total Body Workout Solution

The quest for the perfect elliptical trainer that offers both comfort and efficiency in workouts brings many fitness enthusiasts to the Life Fitness CLSX Elliptical. Known for its innovative design and advanced technology, this machine stands out as an excellent choice for home gyms and commercial fitness centers alike. Let’s dive into what makes the Life Fitness CLSX Elliptical a must-have for those who are serious about their fitness goals.

The Life Fitness CLSX Elliptical: An Overview

The Life Fitness C L S X Elliptical is part of the Integrity Full Commercial Series, a line renowned for its durable and also high-performing fitness equipment. It’s designed to provide a low-impact, total body workout that’s both effective and comfortable for users of all fitness levels.

Life Fitness CLSX Elliptical Design and Comfort

Built for Comfort

The ergonomic design of the Life Fitness C L S X Elliptical is a key feature. It is also engineered for comfort, ensuring that users can engage in longer workout sessions without discomfort. The elliptical boasts a variety of low-impact workouts that cater to different fitness goals, making it a versatile piece of equipment.

Engineered Pedal Design

One of the elliptical’s standout features is its oversized pedals. These allow users to adjust their foot position comfortably, reducing lateral hip shifting and also minimizing lower back stress. The narrow 2.8 pedal spacing is specifically designed to align with the body’s natural movements, enhancing the workout experience.

Technology and Innovation

Life Fitness CLSX Elliptical Integrated Technology

In today’s digital age, the Life Fitness C L S X Elliptical keeps users motivated with integrated iPod and also TV controls. This compatibility feature ensures that exercisers remain entertained throughout their workout, making exercise sessions something to look forward to.

Proven Stride Technology

The elliptical utilizes proven stride technology to deliver a unique and effective workout motion. With an 18″ stride length and biomechanically correct moving arms, it simulates a natural walking or running motion, making workouts more enjoyable and also effective.

Workout Programs and Customization

The Life Fitness CLSX offers a wide array of workout programs, including Quick Start, Manual, Random Hill, Cardio, Fat Burn, and more. These programs cater to various fitness goals, whether it’s weight loss or cardiovascular health. Users can customize their workouts to match their personal fitness levels and objectives, ensuring a tailored exercise experience every time.

Performance and Monitoring

Life Fitness CLSX Elliptical Precise Heart Rate Monitoring

Accurate heart rate monitoring is crucial for an effective workout. The Life Fitness C L S X Elliptical features Lifepulse digital heart rate monitoring technology, providing precise, hands-free heart rate measurements. This allows users to maintain the optimal heart rate zone for their fitness goals.

Readouts and Feedback

Users can track their progress with an array of readouts, including resistance level, heart rate, elapsed time, calories burned, and more. This feedback is essential for monitoring workout efficiency and also making necessary adjustments to meet fitness objectives.

Life Fitness CLSX Elliptical Maintenance and Durability

Concerning longevity, the elliptical’s battery life and also durable construction ensure that it will be a long-lasting addition to any fitness setup. Regular maintenance is straightforward, ensuring the machine remains in top condition. For specific maintenance tips, consulting the Life Fitness CLSX elliptical manual is recommended.

Purchasing Information

For those interested in purchasing the Life Fitness C L S X Elliptical, it’s available for sale at various online and also physical retail outlets. Prospective buyers can find more information and also make their purchase through links like Fitness Factory Outlet.


  1. What makes the Life Fitness CLSX Elliptical stand out from other cross trainers?
    • Its ergonomic design, integrated technology features, and also wide range of workout programs set it apart, making it one of the most efficient cross trainers available.
  2. How does the Life Fitness CLSX ensure a comfortable workout experience?
    • The engineered pedal design and ergonomic features minimize stress on the hips and also lower back, ensuring a comfortable workout experience.
  3. Can I monitor my heart rate accurately on the Life Fitness C L S X Elliptical?
    • Yes, thanks to Lifepulse digital heart rate monitoring technology, users can enjoy accurate, hands-free heart rate monitoring.
  4. What types of workout programs does the Life Fitness CLSX offer?
    • It offers a broad selection of programs, catering to various fitness goals, from weight loss to cardiovascular health.


The Life Fitness CLSX Elliptical is more than just an exercise machine; it’s a comprehensive fitness solution that caters to a wide range of workout preferences and goals. With its comfortable design, innovative technology, and wide array of workout options, it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their fitness routine. Whether for home use or in a commercial gym, this elliptical trainer stands out for its durability, performance, and ease of use.


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