Horizon EX 59



Model Name EX-59-03
Brand Horizon Fitness
Color Black
Product Dimensions 74″D x 25″W x 64.5″H
Material Aluminum

Technical Details

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The Ultimate Guide to the Horizon EX 59 Elliptical: A Deep Dive into Its Features and Benefits

The world of home fitness equipment is vast and varied, offering everything from simple dumbbells to advanced cardio machines. Among these, elliptical trainers stand out for their ability to provide a low-impact, full-body workout. And when it comes to elliptical machines, the Horizon EX 59 Elliptical is a model that deserves a closer look. This comprehensive guide delves into the key features, benefits, and also unique selling points of the Horizon EX 59, providing you with all the information you need to decide if this is the right elliptical for your home gym.

Overview of the Horizon EX 59 Elliptical

The Horizon EX 59 Elliptical is designed with user comfort and also convenience in mind. It’s built on a sturdy frame guaranteed with a lifetime warranty, reassuring users of its durability. The machine’s assembled dimensions, standing at 74 x 25 x 64.5 inches, make it a compact yet efficient piece of equipment suitable for most home environments.

Advanced Technology and Connectivity

One of the standout features of the Horizon E X 59 is its integration with advanced technology. It boasts a rapid charge USB port that keeps your device fully powered throughout your workout. For those who enjoy entertainment while exercising, the elliptical includes integrated speakers, a tablet rack, and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream your favorite music or watch videos hassle-free. The convenience of a USB charging port (1A/5V) adds to its appeal, ensuring your devices remain charged as you exercise.

Horizon EX 59 Performance and Comfort

The Horizon E X 59 Elliptical engineered for a smooth, consistent motion, courtesy of its advanced pulley system. This design minimizes stress on your joints, making it an ideal choice for users with varying fitness levels. The elliptical also features a heart rate program level, enabling you to monitor your exercise intensity and stay within your target heart rate zone for optimal fitness results.

Horizon EX 59 Unique Selling Points

What sets the Horizon EX 59 apart from other ellipticals on the market? For starters, its calorie distance intervals and manual weight loss programs cater to a wide range of fitness goals, from basic cardio to intensive fat-burning workouts. The elliptical’s lifetime frame warranty underscores the manufacturer’s confidence in its build quality and also durability. Plus, its compatibility with both 110 volt and 220 volt power sources ensures it can be used in various settings without issue.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

The Horizon E X 59 has garnered positive reviews for its reliability, ease of use, and the quality of workouts it provides. Customers appreciate the quick setup, simple controls, and the smooth, quiet operation of the machine. Many also highlight the added convenience of built-in speakers, tablet rack, and USB charging port, which make workouts more enjoyable and engaging. For an in-depth customer review, consider checking out the product on Amazon.


Q: How to reset the Horizon Elliptical EX 59?
A: Resetting the Horizon E X 59 is straightforward. Simply unplug the machine, wait for a minute, and then plug it back in. This process effectively resets the elliptical’s system.

Q: Can I move the Horizon E X 59 Elliptical?
A: Yes, the Horizon EX 59 is designed with mobility in mind. It features built-in transport wheels, allowing you to easily move it as needed.

Q: Does the Horizon Fitness EX 59 plug in?
A: Yes, the Horizon E X 59 requires an electrical outlet to operate. It is compatible with both 110 volt and 220 volt power sources, making it versatile for use in various locations.

Q: What is the warranty for the Horizon E X 59 Elliptical?
A: The Horizon E X 59 comes with a lifetime frame warranty, ensuring peace of mind for users concerned about the longevity and also durability of their investment.


The Horizon EX 59 Elliptical stands out as a versatile, user-friendly fitness machine suitable for a wide range of exercise needs and also preferences. Its advanced technology, performance features, and unique selling points make it a competitive option in the crowded fitness equipment market. Whether you’re looking to enhance your cardio routine, lose weight, or simply stay active, the Horizon E X 59 offers a convenient and effective solution for your home gym.

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