Bowflex BXE116
BowFlex BXE116 Elliptical
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BowFlex BXE116 Elliptical


Product Features

  • 9 Pre-Programmed Workouts
  • 25 Resistance Levels
  • 22″ Stride Length
  • High speed, high inertia drive system with a perimeter weighted flywheel for easy start up and smooth, consistent workouts
  • Syncs with Free Results Series™ App: Available for Apple iOS and Android devices
  • Switch Select™ Cushioning System: Adjust pedal angle for comfort or for additional muscle activation
  • Bluetooth® 4.0 Compatible


Dimensions: 77″ L x 31″ W x 70″ H (195.6 x 78.7 x 177.8 cm)
Resistance Levels: 25
Stride Length: 22″ (56 cm)
Minimum Ceiling Height: User Height +29″ (74 cm)
Assembled Machine Weight: 263 lbs. (119.3 kg)
Maximum Capacity: 375 lbs. (170 kg)


Frame – 15 yr
Mechanical Parts – 5 yr
Electronics – 5 yr
Labor – 2 yr

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The Ultimate Guide to the Bowflex BXE116 Elliptical: A Deep Dive into Its Features, Value, and User Experience

The Bowflex BXE116 Elliptical stands out in the crowded fitness market as an embodiment of innovation and value. Designed for those who seek a comprehensive, low-impact workout from the comfort of their homes, the BXE116 is not just another piece of fitness equipment. It’s a gateway to achieving your health and also fitness goals. Let’s delve into the details of what makes the Bowflex BXE 116 a must-have for fitness enthusiasts.

Why Choose the Bowflex BXE116

The Bowflex BXE116 Elliptical offers an incredible value to its users, featuring a robust set of capabilities tailored to enhance your workout experience. One of the hallmark features is its Bluetooth connectivity option, allowing users to seamlessly sync their workout data with fitness apps for detailed tracking. The machine also boasts a 22-inch stride length, providing a comfortable and natural motion, and 25 resistance levels, making it suitable for beginners and seasoned athletes alike. Its exceptional calorie burn efficiency is a testament to the machine’s design, aimed at delivering results.

Bowflex BXE116

For more details on the Bowflex BXE 116, visit the official Bowflex product page.

Bowflex BXE116 Design and Build Quality

The Bowflex BXE116 built with Switch Select Pedal Suspension Technology, enhancing the fluidity and also comfort of each stride. This design consideration not only improves the user experience but also minimizes the risk of injury during intense workouts. The in-reach controls allow for effortless adjustments without disrupting your workout rhythm. Durability is a cornerstone of the BXE116, constructed to withstand rigorous exercise routines and ensure longevity.

Key Features

The BXE116 features are designed with the user’s fitness journey in mind, making it the perfect solution for home fitness enthusiasts. Its 25 levels of resistance offer a scalable challenge, catering to various fitness levels and goals. The compatibility with the Explore the World App invites users into a virtual environment where they can traverse global routes, adding an immersive layer to the workout experience.

Discover the immersive experience of the Explore the World App in combination with the BXE116 on the official Bowflex website.

Bowflex BXE116

Bowflex BXE116 Pricing and Availability

Finding the Bowflex BXE116 elliptical for sale can be as simple as visiting major retailers like Walmart, which often offers competitive pricing and also convenience. The price of the Bowflex BXE116 reflects its premium features and build quality, positioning it as a worthwhile investment in your health and also fitness journey.

Usability and Performance

With its calorie-centric programming package, users can tailor their workouts to focus on calorie burn, making the BXE116 an efficient tool in weight management and also fitness improvement efforts. The 22-inch stride length supports a natural walking or running motion, reducing strain and also facilitating a comfortable exercise session. The Switch Select Pedal Suspension technology ensures that even long workouts remain comfortable, encouraging users to stay motivated and achieve their fitness goals.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

User feedback highlights the BXE116’s powerful performance and incredible value, with many appreciating the variety and also challenge presented by the 25 resistance levels. However, as with any product, experiences vary, and prospective buyers are encouraged to consider both pros and cons from existing Bowflex BXE116 elliptical reviews.


Q: Can I pedal backwards on my Bowflex BXE 116?
A: Yes, the Bowflex BXE 116 allows for backward pedaling, adding variety to your workout and also engaging different muscle groups.

Q: What is the maximum weight capacity of the Bowflex BXE116 Elliptical?
A: The Bowflex BXE116 accommodates users up to 375 pounds, underscoring its sturdy build and also inclusivity for a wide range of users.

Q: Does the Bowflex BXE116 Elliptical come with a warranty?
A: Absolutely, the Bowflex BXE 116 includes a comprehensive warranty, ensuring your investment is protected. Details can be found on the Bowflex warranty page.

Q: How does the ‘Explore the World’ app enhance my workout experience with the BXE116?
A: The ‘Explore the World’ app syncs with your BXE116, transporting you to virtual routes around the globe, making workouts engaging and also fun.

Q: How do I assemble my Bowflex BXE116 Elliptical?
A: The Bowflex BXE 116 comes with a detailed assembly manual. For additional assistance, customer support is readily available.


The Bowflex BXE116 Elliptical goes beyond being just fitness equipment; it represents a commitment to health and also wellness. With its user-centric design, comprehensive feature set, and engaging workout options, the BXE216 stands out as an incredible value. Whether you’re starting your fitness journey or looking to elevate your workout routine, the Bowflex BXE116 is a worthy companion on the path to achieving your health and fitness goals.

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